Isadoras Scarf
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Isadora's Scarf is a Santa Cruz based alternative punk band. The band plays a mix of alt-rock covers and punk-influenced originals, in the prolapsed vein of Radiohead, X, Iggy Pop, Concrete Blonde and PJ Harvey. The sound is fierce, driving and distinctive, an itch which gets scratched in your brain that goes from soothing to blistering, and then just sort of a pleasant throbbing.

With their flair for histrionics and prize giveaways, the band promotes creative interaction with the audience and spastic abandon. The vocals are edgy, and the music entices even the lead-footed to get up and dance.

We actually really know nothing about Tiffany’s history. However, we know she wears a size 8 shoe and prefers the very expensive one’s as gifts. There is a rumor that she studied and performed with the Vienna Opera, though we were unable to track down any references she listed on her resume to confirm. She often breaks into operatic sequences during our rehearsals leading us to believe this may be true. When asked her opinion of various opera’s we casually discuss during rehearsals, she lashes out with, “Bunch of SNOBS!” She indicates that studying and performing rock n’ roll is helping her resolve some of her past inequities. She has an awesome voice but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tell her that! We think you will enjoy her voice just as much as we do, so just come out and listen for yourself.

Hm-mmm... Well, as a super-elite athlete, Rich can kind of come off as, you know- well, sort-of a... Diva!

There. I said it... and I'm glad I did. I mean he'll probably strangle me with his inhumanly strong hands in some kind of corticosteroid rage, but- sheesh!!

EVERY practice, it's ALL updates about Rich's swimming regimen and Weider Power Formula shakes and his time-splits and his charts and "VO2 max" and "aerobic threshold blood circulation" and his new tiger-stripe trunks! Hello?! And can we please just get through the REM song without 5 (FIVE!) duration drum solos? I mean, just because you CAN, doesn't mean you should, right! Sure, a lot of people see him and just think: "Nice guy. I can see how he dominates the 25 km open water competition-- I mean, he trains right, shaves his body hair- And he WAS raised by that family of dolphins..."

Trish spent many years in the dark L.A. sunset strip circuit playing penny whistle for opening, opening acts that never made it on the bill.

After too many years of inhaling the smoggy skies of L.A., while on stage, is sometimes caught in a hallucination. She wonders were she is, and is confused about the stringed instrument and absence of the penny whistle.

You know the quote from the movie JFK, where Joe Pesci has bad eyebrows, and he like, has a freak-out while being questioned by Costner's lawyer character, and he sweats profusely and blurts, "Man, you don't GET it!!
...He's like a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery,
surrounded by enigma!!"

I can only give you the facts made up by me:

He plays one of the guitars in our band.
There is some evidence he is a foot fetishist.
He created an idioglossia that is only understood by
moles. But once he has communicated with a mole, he kills the mole.
He is not "Tom" of "Tom of Finland."
Tom grew up a very short man (at most 4' 9"), but
then-- after a trip to Menahga, Minnesota, had a
freakish growth spurt aprés visit to the fiberglass
statue of St. Urho (coincedentally the patron saint of
His ideal after-gig beverage: room temperature Clamato with a cachaça sidecar.

Unauthorized school photos of him were used in the
July 1990 issue of TeenBeat magazine as the issue's
Before Guy, under the caption "Awkward!"

His birth certificate has his name all in Latin:
He has such sensitive fingertips he can discern the
mint any North American coin has come from, and he can determine the number of times said coin has been used to scrape off losing Scratchers? tickets.
He secretly trolls Ebay for the Furbie® of his dreams!!

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Pennsylvania Street